The Philadelphia Folksong Society is seeking a Festival Director for 2024 Philadelphia Folk Festival

The Festival Director for the Philadelphia Folk Festival is responsible for planning and executing the PFF event. The director oversees all aspects of the festival, including; booking performers, coordinating vendors, managing staff, creating and managing the festival budget, developing marketing strategies to promote the event, establishing partnerships with sponsors and other organizations, and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.

The director position maintains a flexible schedule during the year with substantially increased hours committed leading up to and during the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival. The position reports to the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Folksong Society.


1. *Strategic Planning*: Develop a comprehensive festival plan, including conceptualization, budgeting, scheduling, artist lineup selection, and defining the festival’s unique selling points.

2. *Team Leadership*: Assemble and manage a proficient team of contractors, volunteers and board members, across various disciplines, including production, marketing and publicity, logistics, vendors, operations, and artist relations/hospitality, ensuring effective collaboration and optimal performance.

3. *Artistic Direction*: Curate an eclectic and appealing artist lineup that resonates with PFFs target audience while maintaining a diverse and inclusive program.

4. *Logistics and Operations*: Implement a seamless logistics and operations plan to guarantee smooth festival execution, including stage setup, sound and lighting, security, ticketing, and crowd management.

5. *Sponsorship and Partnerships*: Secure strategic partnerships and sponsorships to enhance the festival’s visibility, generate revenue, and offer added value to attendees.

6. *Audience Engagement*: Develop engaging pre-event and on-site experiences, workshops, and interactive zones to enhance attendee engagement and create lasting memories.

7. *Safety and Compliance*: Collaborate with Upper Salford Township to ensure all permits, security, and safety and legal requirements are met, prioritizing the well-being of attendees, staff, and artists.

8. *Post-Event Evaluation*: Conduct a comprehensive post-event analysis to assess the festival’s success, identifying areas for improvement and refining strategies for future editions.

The 61st Philadelphia Folk Festival is scheduled to occur the week of August 12 through August 19, 2024, with public performances occurring on August 16, 17, 18. The Festival is the largest program of the Philadelphia Folksong Society, a nonprofit membership organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1957, the Philadelphia Folksong Society is “dedicated to preserving the past, promoting the present, and securing the future of folk music and related forms of expression through education, presentation and participation”.

In 2023, the Festival ”took a pause” and was not produced, allowing the Board of Directors of the Society to restructure the operations of the Society, reduce their financial debt, and re-imagine the Festival as a sustainable program. The 2024 Festival will re-emerge as a smaller overall event than in the past, serving nearly 5,000 patrons daily with several music stages, educational workshops, crafts, and on-site camping.

The Festival Director will be responsible for managing a team of Committee Chairs who are responsible for their own crew of volunteers. The Director will produce the Festival in adherence to the approved budget, and will reconcile the finances (with assistance from the Finance Committee) after the event. The Festival Director answers to the Board of Directors of the Society, and the Board will assist the Festival Director in the production of the Festival.

This is a paid position, which is commensurate with experience.

Please submit your curriculum vitae or resume by Friday, September 29, 2023, to